Lemontek Mushroom Tea | 4 bags | 875 mg


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One bag serving of Lemontek Entheogenic Mushroom tea creates a state-altering, perceptible effect that requires one to control for their Set & Setting. We recommend developing a strong intention for consumption prior to planning your experience; developing a strong intention is necessary to realize a therapeutic benefits from this product. Consuming 2+ bags should not be done alone unless you are an experienced psychonaut.
DIRECTIONS: First time users should start with 1 packet on an empty stomach, steeping in hot water for 25 minutes, sipping slowly to ensure onset is slow and controlled. Once the effects of a 1 packet dose is understood, users can proceed into larger doses with the help of a guide.
Formulated in the cleanest manner possible (vegan, cruelty free, full-spectrum actives), our teas are free of isolates, concentrates or synthesized source materials, allowing for the most natural and therapeutic altered states achievable by humankind.