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7 mg active, 500mg Fruiting Body Mushroom per Fruit Square | 4 Grams Total
Formulated in the cleanest manner possible (vegan, cruelty free, full-spectrum actives), our gummies are free of isolates, concentrates or synthesized source materials, allowing for the most natural and therapeutic altered states achievable by humans.
Each HillBilly Gummy contains 500 mg of entheogenic mushroom fruiting body developed & grown in house by DankeSuper, approximately .7 mg (1.4%) tryptamine alkaloid . These gummies tend induce noticeable effects at a single dose with strong visual & spiritual effects at 2-3 gummies.
HillBilly Mushrooms are known for their energetic, uplifting effects and are perfect for casual, social situations such as concerts or immersive experience where users want to feel mindful, present, and aware. Winner of the Oakland Hyphae cup micro dose category, HillBilly mushrooms are distinguished by its uniquely high concentration of Norpsilocin, a recently discovered tryptaminealkaloid,  Dosage is designed to offer a “social micro dose” best applied for recreational consumption. Entheogenic mushrooms will result in psychedelic effects. We strongly advise against operating machinery, driving, or consuming in environments with significant external influences outside of one’s control.
Directions: First time users should take 1 gummy on an empty stomach, increasing dose by one gummy every 20-30 minutes until desired effect is achieved. Ensure you are in a safe place with limited potential for distraction or interruption. For best results, use intentionally alongside activities such as psychotherapy, meditation and creative work.
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