HillBilly Adaptogen Cacao

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Note: In addition to ingredients listed below HillBilly Adaptogen Cacao contains 3.5 grams (Micro Edition) to 7  grams (Macro Edition) of HillBilly Entheogenic Mushrooms. We strongly advise users are conscientious of set & setting while consuming larger doses. 
Water Soluble Full Spectrum CBD | Cacao | Ashwaganda | Chaga | Maitake | Cordyceps | Lion’s Mane | Prebiotics & Probiotics
Improves balance, reduces oxidative stress, and fights inflammation. Excellent addition pre or post workout smoothies, or as delicious alternative to traditional hot cocoa infused with a wealth of adaptogenic benefits. Our adaptogenic cacao elixir contains water soluble full spectrum CBD, bamboo extract, cacao powder (of course), pre and pro biotic for gut health, plus a proprietary blend of 5 adaptogenic mushrooms to offer an optimally dosed, synergistic adaptogen powerhouse. Each reusable or recyclable glass bottle contains approximately 7 servings (2-3 tablespoons per serving).
Water Soluble NanoCBD 25 mg
Powerful anti-inflammatory, helps promote sense of balance, reduce stress & anxiety. 
Bamboo Extract 1000 mg
Rich in antioxidants and silica, bamboo extract is an anti-gaining powerhouse that helps fight damaging free radicals while promoting cell elasticity. 
Cacao is rich in flavonoids a potent anti-oxidant.
Prebiotic & Probiotic Active Ingredients
Inulin is a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of growth of good bacteria in your gut, promoting overall gut health.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus Powder: a probiotic that supports gut heath and your immune system. It produces Lactic Acid which helps to prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing the intestines, ensures the lining of the intestine is intact, and promotes good bacteria.
Effective in increasing the activity of cells that fight off infections and boost overall immunity.
Helps support gut health, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system.
  • Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin B and C, fiber, and amino acids
  • An adaptogen that helps regulate and balance the body’s systems and boost your immune system.
Lion’s Mane:
Lion’s Mane has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight tissue damage caused by oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body.
Contains a range of bioactive compounds known to support cognitive functions.
Anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe skin and enhance its healthy function. Protects the immune system from the effects of stress.

3.5 g, 7 g