40 mg Delta-8 | 20 mg Full Spectrum Extract


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40 mg Delta-8 | 20 Full Spectrum Extract (10 mg CBD) per Fruit Square
8 Pieces per box
DankeSuper pâte de fruit combines four premium organic ingredients: apple pectin, fruit puree, sugar, and lemon / lime juice with proprietary blends of psychoactive ingredients resulting in a range of altitudes and experiences. 
Our 4:1 gummies contain 40 mg Delta-8 combined with 20 mg CBD rich full spectrum extract. The combination of phytonutrient rich whole plant profile results a synergistic effect, enhancing the D8 experience.
Consumers of our gummies most often report experiencing more restful, uninterrupted sleep and pain management relief with a range of applications.
DankeSuper full spectrum extract is sourced our from certified organic farm partner (PSC Group) located in the western slope of Colorado.
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Orange Pineapple, Morello Cherry, Apricot, Peach