HHC Gummy | 8 Pieces | 3:2 HHC Full Spectrum


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30 mg HHC
20 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract | 10 mg CBD
The latest hemp derived cannabinoid to make a splash, HHC has some unique qualities that suggest this might become an industry favorite. HHC is a fully hydrogenated molecule, qualifying it as a hemp derived psychoactive molecularly independent from it’s marijuana based cousin. HHC’s fully hydrogenated format makes it the most shelf stable psychoactive in existence, and qualifies it as strong contender for full legality  outside the purview of the federal analog act. Most importantly, people appear to really enjoy the clean, uplifting Sativa like psychoactive experience.
Fruit Puree, Sugar, Glucose, Apple Pectin, Lemon or Lime Juice, HHC, Full Spectrum CBD
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What is HHC? 

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Peach Ginger, Morello Cherry, Orange Pineapple