30 mg Delta-8 | 30 mg Full Spectrum Fruit Jelly


30 mg Delta-8 | 30 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

DankeSuper pâte de fruit combines four premium organic ingredients: apple pectin, fruit puree, sugar, and lemon / lime juice with proprietary blends of cannabinoids resulting in a range of altitudes and experiences. 

Our 2:1 gummies contain 30 mg D8 THC combined with 30 mg phytochemical rich full spectrum extract (approximately 15 mg CBD).  The combination of phytonutrient rich whole plant compounds results a synergistic effect, enhancing the D8 experience.

Consumers of our gummies most often report experiencing more restful, uninterrupted sleep and pain management relief with a range of applications.

All DankeSuper full spectrum extract is sourced from a long standing certified organic farm & seed bank relationship based out of Israel with farm facilities located in Colorado’s pristine western slope.

May Experience
 Users often describe D8 as a less heady versus D9 with a lower prevalence of paranoia. D8 doesn’t have the same level of psychoactive punch as D9, BUT we strongly advise against consuming more than one initially. Users often experience an elated state, improved / restful sleep, and significant reduction in pain and/or anxiety. Individual experiences vary.
How to Use:

We suggest starting with a half a square and cautiously increasing unless highly experienced. Onset typically occurs within 30-40 minutes, but wait one hour prior to increasing dosage at your own comfort.


INGREDIENTS: Fruit Puree, Sugar, Glucose, Apple Pectin, Lemon or Lime Juice, Full Spectrum Extract, and D8.

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