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Entheogenic Mushroom Dosage & Experience

This post explores the trippy world of entheogens, psychoactive / psychedelic substances, that are used in religious, spiritual, and increasingly clinical contexts with a focus on entheogenic mushroom dosage & experience. What are Entheogens? The term entheogen is a neologism coined by American ethnobotanist Gordon Wasson in 1961 to refer to psychoactive substances that are […]

Cannabis & Adaptogen Infused Edible Guide

In 2021, DankeSuper embarked upon its current “fully realized” path of producing our own cannabis infused edible products. We made the conscious decision to focus Pâte de Fruit for its high concentration of real fruit (versus water in traditional gummies), vegan friendly format, sumptuous texture, and ability to mask active ingredients taste profile without the use of any artificial flavor. At the time, DankeSuper exclusively focused on infusing CBD rich whole plant, full spectrum hemp extract into our Pate de Fruit, and in late spring began to incorporate a hemp derived cannabinoid called Delta-8 THC. Since their introduction, our Delta-8 […]