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Entheogenic Mushroom Dosage & Experience

This post explores the trippy world of entheogens, psychoactive / psychedelic substances, that are used in religious, spiritual, and increasingly clinical contexts with a focus on entheogenic mushroom dosage & experience. What are Entheogens? The term entheogen is a neologism coined by American ethnobotanist Gordon Wasson in 1961 to refer to psychoactive substances that are […]

Infected Weed

Despite its name, Hop latent viroid (HLVd) has become a material threat to both cannabis and hop growers worldwide. Although most HLVd-infected plants remain asymptomatic, research on hops has demonstrated a decrease in both the α-bitter acid and terpene content of hop cones, which affects their economic value. In Cannabis, HLVd-associated “dudding” or “duds” disease […]