Research driven products for a naturally mindful experience. 

DankeSuper is portfolio of brands, white label & integration partnerships, and ethnobotanical relationships focused on a delivering naturally mindful plant based products. “Naturally mindful” is both a state mind and being inspired by the hemp plant. It’s the calm, focused state often described by users of full spectrum extract, and significant positive externality of the plant’s cultivation. 

Hemp’s sustainability & regenerative nature, potential as a compostable plastic alternative, efficiency as a source of paper, and vast applicability in over 25,000 additional use cases embody the power of ethnobotany to transform the impact of our consumption. It’s legalization an invitation to revisit our relationship to plants, and their vast potential to help heal our minds, bodies, and planet. 

DankeSuper: naturally mindful ethnobotanical products delivered with the highest transparency, quality, and understanding for peace of mind.