Take Control

But while the poor they eat from hand to mouth

The rich are drinkin' from a golden cup
And it just makes me wonder

Why so many lose and so few win

Give me something to believe in

- Poison 

Take Control, Something to Believe In, CBD, Hemp, Ethnobotany

DankeSuper's mission is to deliver ethnobotanical experiences that empower individuals and communities to take control of their own sustainable future. Our "Take Control" program is designed to provide our customers with the opportunity to support the causes they value the most. As of July 1, 2021 DankeSuper commits to donating 5% of all direct consumer packaged goods revenue to charities of a randomly selected customers' choice. 
Donations will be made in $500 increments, and the customers directing charitable contributions will be selected within 15 days of the end of each quarter. There will likely be carefully worded terms & conditions added to the program to provide some discretion against contributing to highly controversial or 'socially harmful' cause, but the purpose of the program is to support what YOU value without judgement. Over time, we plan to extend the program to include more direct community support through our grow room initiatives, and ultimately hope the program evolves well beyond our mind's eye capacity to imagine. 
For now, the easiest way to participate is by purchasing anything on their website. Or reach out, suggest a way to collaborate, and tell us how we can engage your community. Be mindful, be sincere, and in return we will continuously strive to surprise you with our commitment to making your vision our reality.