Our Story

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DankeSuper’s mission is to reimagine how we engineer our relationship to the environment. We’re a hybrid between ethnoecologist and yuppy survivalist, and believe there is tremendous value in enhancing our understanding and ultimately reimagining our dynamic with mushrooms and plants. In 2018, the Farm Bill’s legalization of industrial hemp memorialized a material shift in America’s relationship to cannabis, and provided an opportunistic entry point to participate in the evolution of how we perceive plants and their applications. Shortly thereafter, DankeSuper was established with a focus on the highest quality, gourmet, full spectrum hemp products. 

Since then the world’s evolved in curious ways (to say the least), but our belief in the paramount need to reevaluate our relationship to the environment has only been reenforced. As we evolve, we plan to further our contribute to the conversation by partnering mycologists, botanists, and well informed hobbyists to engage individuals and families to grow for themselves. Ultimately, we believe in achieving individual and community empowerment through decentralized production of plant (fungi) based food and medicine. Greater food, energy, and water independence are the pillars to a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous life. 

Communities developing the ability to thrive self sustainably offers the opportunity reduce waste, improve health, build wealth, reduce socioeconomic disparity, and liberate our dependency on highly vulnerable centralized infrastructure. Our consumer products are designed to promote awareness around the benefits of botany and mycology planting the seeds towards a better future.