DankeSuper Hemp

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There are countless Full Spectrum Hemp, CBD, THC, and Cannabis brands available to the consumer. Inevitably, the world needed another and DankeSuper delivered. Hemp is amongst a "class" multi-faceted plants and fungi with significant culinary, nutraceutical, and industrial application. We started with high CBD full spectrum extract because we found an incredible partner, and believe the overwhelming feedback that it helps people feel better. After extensive research, we developed a deep relationship with PSC Group as our supplier. 

PSC Group's non-GMO breeding program utilizes class-genetic methods with plants cultivated USDA Organic farm located in Colorado Western Slope. Their program utilizes over 120 genotypes of phytonutrient rich varieties of hemp. Additionally, PSC presented us with a tremendous product development through their culinary director Mika Sharon and partnership with Rutger's Food Innovation Center. 

PSC's seed to shelf platform enables DankeSuper to develop high quality, organic products with precision design backed by the upmost transparency and traceability. Our partnership with PSC Group highlights DankeSuper's ability to leverage deep industry relationships with leading chefs, scientists, and researchers to deliver a truly superior experience.  We look forward to introducing new collaborations highlighting our perpetual drive to expand our horizons.