Our Approach

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DankeSuper originally set out with the idea of providing a unique ethnobotanical experience. Ethnobotany, in simple terms, is our cultural relationship to plants. Ultimately, it’s probably more to classify our ambitions as ethnobiological since we’ve never been the type to limit ourselves to just one kingdom.

We seek to engage through sharing information, curation and hosting of events, and offer a selection of products focused on redefining our relationship to our environment. Hemp served as the perfect ‘gateway’ plant given its recent (legal) reintroduction into American life and virtually limitless use cases. That said, we have ambitions to expand beyond C. Sativa and Plantae in coming months and excited to share to the experience with you.


We’re smart, creative, and authentic. Yet, we only represent a small fraction of world’s diverse knowledge, experience, and taste. It’s consistently been our objective to develop a platform through partnerships and enablement of others. This applies throughout design, philanthropy, and product development. Our mission is not to create the world’s best everything, but partner with creators and visionaries of diverse backgrounds to help realize their unique and authentic visions. Our current collaborative roadmap touches upon art, financial education to underserved socioeconomic groups, and mycelium packaging to name a few areas.

Our objective is to help foster a more constructive relationship to our environment for all individuals. This is not limited by demographics, race, product, or use case. If you have a vision and think we’d prove a strong partner, let us know.


DankeSuper was formed on the belief that profitability and positive externality are not mutually exclusive concepts. Our choice of hemp for our first products was not an accident. In addition to an array of purported health benefits, it’s a crop with an environmental punch. Hemp sequesters carbon both as a crop and building material, is a 10x more efficient source of paper & packaging than trees, and is a bio-accumulator with significant potential application in regenerative agriculture.

Our priority is delivering products that make our customers lives better, and we believe that a central part of that objective is supporting a better environment for us all. We envision a world where mindful consumption is effortless and it’s a future we’re committed to deliver.