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Plain and simple: DankeSuper want us to feel good. And they will stop at nothing until they’ve unearthed every clean superfood in existence to get us there.
From the Delta-8 gummies to the new Cordyceps CBD Clarity Gummies, so far DankeSuper has delivered some pretty incredible products my way. My sense of what CBD can do has totally changed. I was just beginning to think of myself as a kind of CBD expert before DankeSuper introduced me to Delta-8, this cordyceps blend and THCO. We’re really only just beginning to see what CBD can do thanks to inventive, science-based brands like DankeSuper creating these synergistic CBD blends for a variety of purposes.

By brilliantly combining full-spectrum hemp with other synergistic ingredients like full-spectrum cordyceps, caffeine, and cherries, Dankesuper has created a mentally energizing, physically chillaxing concoction that somehow balances clarity and focus with a full body calm-down. Clean, easy, delicious!

Delta-8 Gummies 

Their DSquared8 Pate de Fruit is the perfect entry point for those who are curious about getting high without having to say, “I’m not high, you’re high” to their roommates, friends, or significant other (or parents, who knows?!).

With 30mg of Delta-8, these squares are made to be as perfectly balanced as they are potent.

Each product came in sleek and modern packaging that we’re pretty obsessed with. They’re now the prize pieces in our medicine cabinet.

DS Series Clarity Tincture 

Within a short period of time, we were feeling more alert and well-rested. It was even easier to focus at work. One reviewer writes that Clarity “helps support a mindful state throughout the day,” and we totally agree.

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