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What is the difference between Delta-8, Delta-9, THC-O, THCp, and HHC? 

If this were Jeopardy, "What are THC's different molecular structures?" Although, that list is far from comprehensive (THC-V, THC-A, Delta-10 for example) different variants of THC bind to the the Endocannabinoid (ECS) receptors at different levels of effectiveness and result in different experiences. For example, THC-V is called diet THC-V because it appears to have the inverse effect of Delta-9 with users associating decreased appetite as one of the effects of consumption. On the other hand, THCp is technically 30x more effective than Delta-9 at binding to ECS receptors, but we have very limited understanding of how that translates into user experience or entourage effect factors. 
We're at the very early stages of understanding these cannabinoids with hemp and marijuana's recent transition in legal status. To learn more about the different cannabinoids used in DankeSuper products check out the following blog posts:


Are your products vegan? 

Yes! All of our ingestible self-care products are vegan and generally 95% organic. Our pet products are generally carnivorous friendly elements. After spending an extensive amount of time with Doug Evans and his vegan dog at Organic Avenue we became fairly convinced vegan lifestyle is better suited for humans than pets.

What products contain stevia, if any? 

Our essential oil flavored full spectrum CBD tinctures contain very small amounts of stevia to balance the flavor. If you're looking for a tincture that is stevia-free we suggest our unflavored DS01 (Balance) or Super01 CBD oil. All of our edible products (gummies, cacao, etc) are 100% stevia free. 

What medicines interact with CBD? 

The general rule of thumb is that CBD or cannabinoids will likely 'interact' with drugs that contain the "grapefruit warning". The reason being that grapefruit, the drugs with this warning, and cannabinoids are all processed by the same enzyme(s) meaning your body might metabolize them differently when consumed in conjunction with each other. 
Penn State compiled a list of medications to be closely monitored when co administered with cannabinoids.

What is ethnobotany?

According to the United States Forest Service, ethnobotany "is the study of how people of a particular culture and region make use of indigenous (native) plants."
We are often too busy with our lives to fully consider the scope of our relationship to plants throughout our lives. Houseplants are hot, gardens are emerging throughout backyards and rooftops.... That's an element of our ethnobotany today, but still a small component of plants involvement in our lives. 
Plants provide food, medicine, shelter, dyes, fibers, oils, resins, gums, soaps, waxes, latex, tannins, and and play a critical role in our environmental quality on a whole. Our environment is experiencing heightened volatility and may be undergoing material permanent change. How we respond will define this and future generations ethnobotany, it will play a critical role in our overall well being and survival.  

What distinguishes DankeSuper from other plant based wellness & hemp brands? 

Authenticity, quality, and price. It is our objective to educate and engage the consumer on the potential benefits of plants that have been 'long overlooked' due to legislative or cultural bias. 
We are not a group of new age wellness warriors. We are disciplined researchers with a sincere interest in introducing others to plant & mycological based solutions to improve their lives. Our packaging is attractive, branding mindful, and pricing insanely competitive. Luxury is an experience not an expenditure, and it's our hope to make the experiences we offer highly accessible in terms of understanding and cost. 

How do you guarantee the quality of your CBD & Delta 8 products?

All of DankeSuper products and their distillate / extract are tested for contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, terpene profile, and cannabinoid concentrations. Certificates of analysis at both the product and extract level are generally published on our website. If you have further inquiries write us at We'll be happy to answer to answer any questions, and provide any additional information that's unavailable on our website.  
*Note that extract testing is prior to dilution, and all final products qualify as industrial hemp products under federal law. 
If you experience any issue with your product or have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat box on the lower right hand side or email at We will do everything we can to help resolve. 
Is Hemp Extract Safe? Are there potential side effects? 
Hemp Extract when third-party tested to confirm no contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, or organic matter like mold or bacteria is generally safe outside of potential drug interactions or small percentage of negative individual reactions. Since operating in 2019, we experienced complaints from less than a quarter percent of our customers reported headaches or other discomfort related to consumption of our hemp products. In Delta-8, approximately a half percent (1 of 200) customers report an intense high that results in heightened paranoia and discomfort. 
In terms of long term side effects, there's a growing body of research on CBD & Full Spectrum Hemp's efficacy & safety across a broad range of applications. As we collect and collate, we'll be sure to make our own research accessible to our customers in the near term future. 
In terms of Delta-8, THC-O, THCp, HHC it's too early to make any statements about long term implications of consumption. The health and safety of our customers is our foremost priority at DankeSuper, and we're constantly monitoring data to ensure we are responsibly offering our customers safe products. 

Where can you ship?

We ship throughout the United States with the exception of several states where there are regulatory limitations and concerns. At this juncture, we do not ship internationally, but are exploring the possibility. 
If you're interested in wholesale outside of the United States, we'd love to work with you to accommodate if possible. Please contact us via chat (on lower right hand side) or at We'd love to hear from you