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Magic Mushroom | Psilocybe | Williamsburg, BrooklynDankeSuper | Brooklyn Dispensary | 21 Dunham Place Brooklyn Magic Mushrooms | DankeSuper | 21 Dunham Place | WilliamsburgDankeSuper | Brooklyn Dispensary | 21 Dunham Place

Located blocks away from where we started in South Williamsburg, 21 Dunham Place has served has served as DankeSuper headquarters since January, 2020.

We offer a unique array of flower from classics like Sour Diesel to the hot new strains like Cherry Gauva and Blanco. Our flower varieties range between organically grown outdoor, greenhouse, and full indoor, organic flower. Additionally, we offer a variety of Polkadot Chocolates and four varieties of mushrooms (with micro-dose gummies & capsules to follow). Current mushroom varieties include: Hill Billy (Arkansas), Koh Sumai (Thailand), White Teacher, and Ecuadorian. 


Current Cannabis Flower Varieties: 

NY Sour Diesel - 90% Sativa


Gelonade -70% Sativa


Train Wreck - 90% Sativa

Train Wreck | DankeSuper Brooklyn | Sativa

Sunny Mac - 80% Sativa

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Hybrid

Brooklyn Dispensary | Cherry Gelato | DankeSuper

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) - Hybrid | Star Fighter x Alien Cookies

Brookyln Dispensary | Miracle Alien Cookies | DankeSuper

Skywalker OG - Indica

 Brooklyn Dispensary | Skywalker OG | DankeSuper

Jello Shots - Hybrid | Blow Pops x Gelato 41



21 Dunham Place

Brooklyn New York 11211

Premium Organic Cannabis Flower |  Omura Flower Stick Bar | Pre-Rolls | Bubble Hash | Hemp Derived Delta-8, THCO, THCp | Edibles | Pâte de Fruit
Monday - Wednesday: 1 pm - 8 pm
Thursday - Saturday: 2 - 9 pm
Sometimes later.
Please ring doorbell to be let in if the door is locked. 
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