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21 Dunham Place, First Floor

Brooklyn New York 11211

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DankeSuper at 21 Dunham Place started as a google maps store listing, grew into a cannabis pop up, and since evolved into a Brooklyn based educational and experiential platform for cannabis & psychedelics. Whether you're looking to micro-dose, explore new cannabis extracts, or discover your perfect strain DankeSuper is your solution in South Williamsburg and beyond. We maintain over three dozen strains of cannabis in house offering highly competitive value across an variety that's arguably one of the most diverse at a single location in the East Coast. 

Strain varieties include a wide range of hybrid, indica, and sativa flower. From exotic "ZaZa" such as Oaklato to perfect grows on old school classics like SFV OG and Tangie DankeSuper has your perfect smoke. Can we get much higher? Come visit and find out. We are open 12-8 Monday through Saturday and 12-6 pm on Sunday. 

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We continuously add new varieties (and inevitably sell out of favorites). A sample snapshot of current selection as of late February can be found below. 


Strain Name Associated Feeling Parent Strains Terpenes Aroma User rating
Lemon Cherry Gelato Tingly Relaxed Giggly Sunset Sherbert Girl Scout Cookies Caryophyllene Limonene Humulene Lemon 4.6
Pink Runtz Giggly Happy Talkative Zkittlez Gelato Limonene Caryophyllene Myrcene Strawberry 4.6
Gorilla Glue Relaxed Sleepy Hungry Chem's Sister Sour Dubb Chocolate Diesel Caryophyllene Myrcene Limonene Pungeunt 4.6
Blue Cheese Sleepy hungry giggly Blueberry U.K. Cheese Myrcene Limonene Caryophyllene Blue Cheese 4.2
Lychee Energetic uplifted talkative Pink Rozay White Runtz *** *** *** Pear 4.6
Guava Uplifted hungry energetic Gelato Phenotype Caryophyllene Limonene Pinene Tropical 4.5
Durban Poison Energetic Focused uplifted south african origins Terpinolene Myrcene Ocimene Pine 4.4
Gary Payton Giggly Talkative Relaxed The Y Snowman Caryophyllene Limonene Pinene Pepper 4.6
Grapefruit Energetic uplifted talkative Cinderella 99 Myrcene Caryophyllene Pinene Grapefruit 4.2
Hawaiian Punch Happy uplifted energetic hawaiian origins Terpinolene Myrcene Pinene Tropical 4.5
Horchata Relaxed Talkative Focused Jet Fuel Gelato Mochi Gelato Caryophyllene Limonene Pinene Vanilla 4.6
McFlurry Sleepy Happy Euphoric
Miracle Alien Cookies
Platinum Terpinolene Pinene Myrcene Butter
Sherbert Relaxed Happy Giggly Girl Scout cookies Pink Panties Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Sweet 4.6
Sour Diesel energetic talkative creative ChemDawg Super Skunk Caryophyllene Myrcene Limonene Diesel 4.3
Tropic Thunder energetic creative giggly Maui Wowie Myrcene Limonene Pinene Tropical 4.5
Gorilla Grape Happy Relaxed Focused Original Glue Vino OG Myrcene Pinene Caryophyllene Grape 4.7
Kush Mintz Relaxed Euphoric Aroused Animal Mints Bubba Kush Limonene Caryophyllene Linalool Mint 4.6
Hella Jelly Happy Giggly Relaxed Very Cherry Notorious THC Caryophyllene Myrcene Humulene Berry 4.5
Miracle Alien Cookies Happy Relaxed Uplifted Alien Cookies Starfighter Colombian Gold Limonene Pinene Caryophyllene Citrus 4.6
Cherry Runtz Tingly Relaxed Giggly Runtz Cherry Pie Caryophyllene Limonene Humulene Lemon
Papaya Sherbert Creative Euphoric Happy Sunset Sherbert Papaya Berry
Pistachio Gelato Happy Relaxed Uplifted Pistachio Gelato Berry 5