Psychoactive: Delta-8, HHC, THCp, and THC-O

DSquared8: Infused with Full Spectrum Hemp (15 mg CBD) & 30 mg Delta-8

Current Flavors: Strawberry, Blood Orange, Pina Colada, Mango

Stone(d) Fruit: Infused with 10 mg Full Spectrum CBD & 40 mg Delta-8

HHC: Hemp Derived Hydrogenated THC, uplifting, psychoactive, but generally described as sativa like with a more "focused" high. 

THCp: Hemp derived THCp is 33x more effective at binding with cannabinoid receptors than marijuana's Delta-9 THC. Our gummies are a 1% THCp blend with Delta-8 resulting in a gummy that's 50% stronger than typical D8 on per mg basis.