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In 2019, DankeSuper began with the intent to leverage an extraordinary supplier, strong culinary, agricultural, and community relationships with the vision of building a visionary, forward thinking cannabis platform. As an engagement point, we operated up to eleven (now zero) mall "kiosks" in locations such as Scottsdale Fashion Square and Queens Center. We offered a similar tincture collection as today, potent kitchen edibles, hemp flower, and a curated selection of third party products such as Potli

One evening in early December, our access to the shared workspace was revoked unannounced due another occupants claim that we had pounds of marijuana flower visible in our glass walled office. The flower was industrial hemp accompanied by third party certificates of analysis to verify this fact. Nevertheless, we were forced to support a network of retail stores from the dining room table and living room floor of our apartment at 440 Kent (now in the shadow of Spitzer's 420). 

In January, we moved our office to 21 Dunham Place, and have occupied that space with varying degrees of regularity for the past two and half years. Today, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of DankeSuper's cannabis discovery center in the lower level of same building. Located south of the Williamsburg Bridge, near Domino Park, DankeSuper discovery center will offer an ideal environment to learn about our curated selection of THCO, THCp, Full Spectrum CBD, Delta-8, marijuana flower, and edibles. Offering a full spectrum cannabis experience in collaboration with local creative talent. 

We anticipate the opening cannabis discovery center will yield significant improvements in fulfillment for online customers by offering a dedicated, consistent staff for customer assistance & fulfillment. We deeply appreciate the loyalty, patience, and engagement of our customers thus far. Your support is definitively the reason we continue to exist. We are beyond excited to engage both existing and new friends at 21 Dunham Place in very near future. In the upcoming weeks, we'll announce more details on hours, flower, and collaborations such as the friend's club.

Two and half years ago we were 'evicted' from a shared office and labeled drug dealers for having perfectly legal industrial hemp. Today, we're opening a showroom where our community can openly procure high quality cannabis products. The regulated sale of non-harmful drugs like Cannabis can play a huge role in combating the fentanyl epidemic by outcompeting laced products and opioids. DankeSuper fully supports New York City's approach to non-enforcement with a deep appreciation of the fact that responsibly built distribution networks offer critical foundation to the regulated market. We're super excited to play our part in making NYC the United States pot capital.



Founder, DankeSuper 

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