Dank Entourage

Dank Entourage
What is the entourage effect? 
The entourage effect is the result of the potent combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and additional phytochemical compounds synergistically combining to deliver results beyond the sum of the parts. Research has indicated that terpenes coupled with cannabinoids can have significant impact on mood disorders, anxiety, and pain. There is an ever growing body of research on the physiological benefits of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoid. Yet, our understanding of the so called ‘entourage effect’ remains in its relatively nascent stages, and we’re still in the early in our journey towards decomposing cannabis’ suite of phytochemical power.
Cannabis’ Phytochemical Crew
Cannabinoids (Major)
These are the most prevalent cannabinoids in C. Sativa flower: Delta-9 THC and Cannabidiol. These cannabinoids have been identified for their unique psychoactive and health benefits, and selectively bred over time to become dominant phytocannabinoid is broad array of strains. DankeSuper full spectrum CBD products are supercritical extract from the aerial parts of PSC group’s non-GMO, certified organic high CBD hemp flower genetics.
Cannabinoids (Minor) 
CBN, Delta-8, CBG, Delta-10, and another 110+ cannabinoids we barely understand. These cannabinoids are minor in that they are not present in high concentrations amongst our current cannabis genetics. As a result, these cannabinoids may only be generated as a derivative (as is the case with Delta-8 & Delta-10 from industrial hemp CBD), synthetically, genetic modification, or non-GMO selective breeding over time. Research on this category of cannabinoids is early stage with the body of discovery expected to exponentially grow over time. 
It is estimated that up to 10% of the cannabis plant compounds are flavonoids with up to almost 3% by weight in dried leaves and buds. The specific flavonoids in cannabis are dependent on the strain and the color of the plants (ever wonder why there was purple bud?). There are a dozen basic cannabis flavonoids found to varying degree in the majority of the strains including  flavonoids exclusive to cannabis species (cannaflavins A, B, and C).



Cannabis Sativa is an incredibly rich source of fragrant terpenes are the same phytochemical that fuels plant based essential oils’ therapeutic benefits including antiplasmodial, anti-cancer, and anti-diabetic properties to name a few. A number of DankeSuper tinctures include essential oils in addition our full spectrum CBD for a unique taste profile and terpene driven synergistic effect. 

Over 400 Bioactive Constituents and Counting
The phytochemical profile of cannabis contains over 400 bioactive constituents the majority of which are contained in the categories above. Cannabis sativa has been called the plant of one thousand and one molecules with applications well beyond the bioactive. As exhibited with Delta-8, we have only scratched the surface of the potential of lower concentration, understudied phytochemical properties of the cannabis plant. 
Dank Entourage
At DankeSuper, the foundation of all our CBD products is supercritical extract from organic, sustainably grown, aerial parts of superior hemp genetics. Our CBD tinctures feature the full spectrum benefits of our extract which contains an average concentration of 50% CBD (naturally). Plus a dank entourage of phytochemical compounds including beneficial flavonoids and terpenes. 
DankeSuper’s full spectrum hemp extract is key infusion throughout our collection of edibles whether it is full spectrum CBD fruit therapy or DSQUARED8 Delta-8 gummies. This guarantees the full benefits of the entourage effect regardless whether experiencing the psychoactive effects of Delta-8 or incorporating full spectrum CBD into your self-care routine. 

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