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At DankeSuper, our holistic approach to the ethnobotanical space ensures that we're not beholden to the margin or pricing of any particular ingredient. We're in the business of self-empowerment rather than projecting quality in price at the cost of value. If an ingredient explodes in price, we secure price stable, sustainable sources, grow it ourself if we have the capacity, or better yet make it easy to cultivate at home. 

In the case of Full Spectrum Hemp, we partnered with PSC group in order to offer our customers a truly exemplary seed to shelf experience. Our tinctures are not only our most consistent, bioavailable format, but also one of the least labor intensive to produce (assuming pre-existing formulations). As a result, they offer a uniquely attractive value proposition and an easy basis for comparison as exhibited in the table below. 
Better Price CBD vs Feals

DankeSuper Delivers Significant Full Spectrum Savings

As the table above clearly exhibits, DankeSuper saves customers over 48% relative to a sample of brands equivalent stature offering full spectrum hemp tincture products. The comparison was performed based on $ per gram of cannabinoids in each brands "regular" and "extra strength" tincture. We maintain the belief that our tinctures are a step above the rest, but price differences are objectively easier to reflect. So, we'll let the numbers speak for themself. 

 Our sample set was built using reputable brands we've encountered in over the past several years in the CBD space. In the case of Feals, we were appalled to realize they are charging 3x our price per mg of cannabinoids while imposing a forced subscription model that requires opt out. In terms of revenue, we understand why this model is attractive for Feals. It's a strategy built upon the understanding that most customer's likely take months before taking the initiative to opt out of subscriptions regardless of whether they're utilizing the product.

We've been watching these trends emerge over the past several years, and fully understand how they're "good for business". Yet, they do not align with DankeSuper's primary mission. We aim to provide tools for mindful adaption, and have witnessed the benefits of phytocannabinoid rich full spectrum extract on our customers lives. It is our desire to make that experience accessible to anyone who benefits, and risk-free to explore for individuals who are curious about it's potential to help. That is what our tincture pricing reflects, and we believe it's the approach most consistent with our values.


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