Altitude Control

Altitude Control

A little under a year ago, DankeSuper introduced a version of our Pâte de fruit gummies containing a relatively unfamiliar hemp derived THC compound called Delta-8. Initially, it was our intention to experiment to gain insight into the interaction of “alt-cannabinoids” (i.e. the other 120 or so that aren’t Delta-9 THC or CBD). Given that Delta-8, in fact, got both ourselves and customers high we were apprehensive as to whether it would survive from a regulatory context. We initially incorporated the compound with the expectation of serving as a short term experiment rather than a long term driver behind our approach. Since then, we have introduced three new psychoactive / psychotropic ingredients to our repertoire: THC-O, HHC, and THCp. Apparently, our proclivity for mind altering substances was not exactly a passing phase.

In addition, DankeSuper served as one of the first brands to begin combining Delta-8 with THC-O in an edible format. Behind the scenes, we’ve been experimenting with bolder combinations dosing our most tolerant friends with the likes of gummies code named “Death Star” and “Toad Rickety”. As an industry, we have barely scratched the surface of how cannabinoids interact with each other let alone in combination with the many other phytochemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. At the same, an individual’s experience with cannabis products are highly varied. As a brand, it our responsibility to effectively communicate expectations to our customers ensuring the best possible experience that meets your needs and expectations.


Full Spectrum Hemp: A wealth of additional phytochemical compounds resulting in a distinctive entourage effect. The CBD dosage reflects approximately 1/2 the total amount of whole plant hemp emulsified into each fruit square.


DS Series, Super01Super02, Pina Colada


Full Spectrum CBD Fruit SquaresBalance Gummies (CBG & CBD), Cherry Clarity Gummies


All topical products exclusive contain full spectrum hemp extract (CBD being primary cannabinoid), may result in smoother, more radiant skin, but will not get you high. 


D8 was our entry point, but our psychoactive offerings have expanded to include cannabinoids such as THC-O, THCp, and HHC. Our original Full Spectrum Delta-8 combinations are DSquared8 (15 mg CBD / 30 mg D8) and Stoned Fruit (40 mg D8 / 10 mg CBD). Full Spectrum Hemp contains a wealth of additional phytochemical compounds resulting in a distinctive entourage effect. The CBD dosage reflects approximately 1/2 the total amount of whole plant hemp emulsified into each fruit square.

Below is a quick tutorial on each of the psychoactive compounds: 


D8 is a psychoactive rare cannabinoid with similar properties to Delta-9 THC found in marijuana, but users tend to find a lower tendency towards to paranoia or adverse reactions. That said, the product is definitively psychoactive. Delta-8 onset is generally much quicker than a typical marijuana edible, but user experiences vary. Most users will experience effects within 30-45 minutes of consumption. Delta-8 is often described as less potent than Delta-9, but our concentrations adjust for those differences. High tolerance users may find a single square insufficient while low tolerance consumers might feel high off a quarter or half.

Typically, Delta-8 is recognized for it’s calming, anti-anxiety properties. It is highly popular as a sleep aid and for pain relief amongst customers. 


 HHC is a chemical known as Hexahydrocannabinol, or in other worlds hydrogenated THC. HHC is typically described as a fast onset, semi-energetic, heady, sativa like high. Assuming all particles actively bind to receptors, HHC is considered slightly less strong than the THC found in marijuana. That said, the production of HHC currently results in some percentage of inactive particles which results in some variation in efficacy across batches.

HHC is often described as a cheerful, energized, stimulating experience with a stoned twist. There’s an element of feeling high, but it’s not the same experience as Delta-8 or traditional Delta-9 THC. We personally enjoy it, and are curious how it will ultimately fit within broader cannabinoid landscape given it's not technically THC while having similar psychoactive properties.


In terms of ability to bind to our cannabinoid receptors, THC-O was the first hemp derived heavyweight to hit the market with claims that it was 3x stronger than the Delta-9 THC in Marijuana. When we first tried THC-O on it's own we experienced a slightly altered state that probably fell a little short of expectations, experienced deep body relaxation, and passed out in place about an hour afterwards. Some people love it on its own, but we've found that it's potential is truly unlocked when combined with full spectrum hemp and other cannabinoids. 

Our original 15 mg D8 15 mg THCO formulation is one of our more popular gummies to date, and inspiration for the wide range of combinations to come.  


THCp is the most potent and novel cannabinoid on our list. At this juncture, we only offer it as 1% THCp Delta 8 THC due to its high potency. THCp is about 33x more effective at binding with receptors than marijuana's Delta-9 THC and approximately 50x more effective than D8. So, 1% THCp results in an approximately 50% stronger product on Delta-8 equivalent basis. 

THCp is significantly more novel than it's cousin THC-O which is already a bit challenging to describe as an experience (but we like it). Needless to say, we are excited to experiment with dosage variations and combinations in the near future. 

Altitude Control

The complexity of the cannabis plant and the diversity of experiences it offers merit their own communication syntax. To fulfill this need, DankeSuper is excited to announce the development of the Altitude Control classification and visual representation framework. Ultimately, Altitude Control will develop into our “control center” for understanding the customer experience and reflecting it a way that’s consistent and easily understood. Naturally, one of the first grouping mechanisms of altitude control will be “how high”, followed by factors factors like time to onset, effect, alertness, etc.

Altitude Control will serve as both platform for that dialogue between our customers and test pilots, and tool by which we communicate with our broader audience. Ultimately, we intend to build a navigable framework where customers can easily identify the product that best suits their need. For now, we’ll start with basic categorizations that make the experience more user friendly without being canna connoisseur.   

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