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Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and  CBD Isolate

The two most popular options on the market today are full spectrum and broad spectrum extracts. For a long time, isolate was the go to for those looking to avoid any trace of THC, but with the advent of broad spectrum, which allows for a more complete reflection of the plant profile with none of the THC, many consumers are switching over. In the CBD world, there is a tendency towards sloppy education and advertising. Because CBD is so popular right now, some companies label their products as “CBD extract tincture” or “Full spectrum CBD” and get away with it. We want to make a very important distinction: CBD stands for canabidiol, one of more than 80 known cannabinoids found in hemp and THC containing cannabis plants. Full spectrum hemp extract is not CBD, but rather, it is an extract that contains CBD along with all the other important and not yet fully understood cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp, each one potentially bringing benefits to the table.

With that in mind, here are the three commonly used types of extracts.

CBD isolate is exactly as the name implies: a single cannabinoid isolate. Isolate is the product of a complex distillation process derived from industrial hemp that’s been stripped of whole plant benefits. Determining whether isolate actually originated from industrial hemp can often be rather difficult. In fact, there have been a number of relatively high profile FDA actions against firms distributing mislabeled synthetic CBD. Synthetic CBD, although chemically identical to hemp derived CBD, should not be compared to natural CBD. Many report experiencing a wide range of negative side effects when using synthetics, and there’s been very little research on exactly what synthetic cannabinoids do to the body. Broad Spectrum extracts contain additional phytocannabinoids,  terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients offering a potential “entourage effect”. The “entourage effect” refers to a growing body of research suggesting that the various beneficial compounds found in hemp work synergistically, and are more effective when taken together. That being said, many brands market specific combinations of these compounds as scientifically designed for “targeted” effects. DankeSuper fully recognizes the appeal of these “targeted” blends, and we’re excited about the possibility of a future where a more holistic understanding of cannabis could make these blends effective. Yet, we feel strongly that the science still hasn’t reached a point where we can confidently state that targeted solutions are effective as anything other than a marketing technique. Right now, we think nature knows best 

This brings us to full spectrum hemp extracts. Full spectrum is a pure, unprocessed, unfiltered hemp extract that contains canabidiol along with hemp’s 130+ other compounds, as well as various combinations of phytochemical and phytonutrient compounds. This does mean that it contains THC, however, the amount of THC in a full spectrum hemp extract will always fall under 0.3%, too small of an amount to produce a “high” feeling. Full spectrum has two notable and powerful advantages over other types of extract, the first being its ability to limit something called a “bell curve dosage response.” that commonly occurs when taking CBD isolate or broad spectrum. ‘Bell curve dosage response’ refers to research suggesting the existence of a powerful “middle ground” dosage of CBD, with too high or too low of a dose often failing to perform any better than a placebo. This proves that more is not always better when it comes to CBD. Full spectrum essentially widens that “middle ground” target dosage, resulting in a much more effective product. The second key benefit is that full spectrum is the best way to harness the “entourage effect” mentioned earlier. Unlike broad spectrum, full spectrum extracts reflect the whole plant profile, bringing you all of the compounds found in the plant in the same ratios.

Clearly, DankeSuper prefers full spectrum hemp extract. We use it in all our products, because the data points to it being the safest, most effective way to use what nature has given us. That being said, there are some differences between full spectrum extracts.

  Distinction Amongst Full Spectrum CBD Extracts

The differences between full spectrum extracts come down the genetics of the plants, the conditions in which they are grown, and the technique used in the extraction. Taken together, these three factors can have a huge impact on the quality of finished product. But to get high quality full spectrum hemp extract, it all starts with the hemp.

DankeSuper’s agriculturalists are constantly looking for new ways to produce the highest quality hemp, and that begins with genetics. Our growers manage their own in-house breeding program, which allows them to develop CBD-rich plants that require the least amount of intervention to maintain and encourage the plants natural properties. They also maintain a diverse and healthy seed bank, which means they are able to consistently provide us with high quality hemp. With over 118 varieties that have been selected for maximum CBD and terpene quality and quantity, we are constantly looking for the highest quality genetics. No strain goes untested, and we employ the latest technologies, such as DNA markers and lab analysis, to define the cannabinoid profile of our strains.

Of course, the intense care put into the quality of our genetics would mean nothing if we didn’t have the growing conditions to match. Not only do the growing conditions effect quality, but poor conditions and practices can result in unsafe product. Hemp is naturally a bio-accumulator, meaning they draw in and store substances in the soil. If the soil quality is good, this isn’t a problem. But if the soil contains pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or heavy metals, it’s a safe bet that those are ending up in the hemp. At DankeSuper we take great care to make sure our plants are not only of the highest quality, but entirely safe as well.Our plants are grown under the watchful eye of some of the most accomplished agriculturists around, in pristine soil, while adhering to the strictest and purest growing methods. We believe in, and use, holistic and regenerative agricultural practices, renewable energy sources, conservation of our water and preservation of our soil. Because we want to respect the land and those that will be here after we’re gone, we never use pesticides, fertilizers, chemical herbicides, GMO’s, or ionizing radiation. We use entirely organic growing methods, never test on animals, and are cGMP (good manufacturing practice) certified.

Hemp Flower (Aerial Parts) Extraction   

There are three commonly used methods, the first of which is an ethanol extraction. Using this method, ethanol is used as a solvent to extract the various compounds of the plant. However, we’ve found that ethanol does a poor job of preserving the whole plant profile. A slightly more effective method is a butane extraction. This time, butane is used as the solvent, which allows one to draw specific compounds from the plant matter. Unfortunately, we’ve found butane to be a step down from our next method in terms of preserving the compounds of the hemp. Lastly, there is CO2 supercritical extract, our preferred method. With this technique, CO2 is heated and pressurized to put it into a supercritical state in which it acts as both gas and liquid. This allows it to reach small spaces like a gas but also act as a liquid solvent. The method of extraction produces a pure, clean product that leaves the whole plant profile intact, without the use of any toxic solvents. CO2 can also be recycled when using this process, making it the environmentally friendly choice.

DankeSuper Full Spectrum Extract 

When we set out to create DankeSuper, we had a simple goal: to find the balance between nature and science. That goal has guided us through all the questions we asked ourselves in the development of our products. Full spectrum or broad spectrum? C02 or butane extraction? Where and how do we want our hemp grown? We think we’ve fulfilled that goal. We pay careful attention to our genetics, because the studies show that it gives us a better product. We keep our growing conditions pristine and free of harmful substances, because the data shows that better ground equals better hemp. We use a supercritical C02 extraction method because science says that it is the cleanest, most effective way to produce stable and consistent full spectrum hemp extract, and we use full spectrum because of the incredible and incredibly well documented benefits it provides. We are driven by data, inspired by nature, and committed to bringing you the absolute best products we can provide.

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