The Writings of Baby Nietzsche

Jacob Kaufman

Hemp Extract Buyer’s Guide

Hemp extract is widely reported to reduce anxiety, but when arriving at a decision on which product to try the consumer is too often left experiencing the opposite effect. Like many “emerging markets”, the CBD market has experienced a staggering number of new entrants all looking to distinguish themselves on price, brand, quality, efficacy or combination thereof. Simultaneously, the internet has exploded with information making the consumption of honest information an exercise in filtering without clear criteria.  Obviously, quality and efficacy should serve as a prerequisite for any consumers search for a CBD product. As some readers are likely aware,...

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Full Spectrum CBD with orange, cinnamon, and ginger

An Unadulterated Full Spectrum CBD Experience

Detailed discussion of the differences between CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum hemp extract by Nietzsche's reincarnation JK. Followed by an examination of what distinguishes full spectrum CBD hemp extracts.

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