Oh, It's Magic: THC-O Combos

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THC-O Acetate (ATHC)
We originally published this blog post in October 2021, and the first iteration was authored within 48 hours of testing our first THC-O product. We focused heavily on the traditionally marketed THC-O headline (3x more powerful than Marijuana's Delta-9), but also found that the experience didn't necessarily reflect the myth. Essentially, we did feel something with pure THCO gummies, but it was more deep body relaxation, followed by sleep. Kind of like a cleaner feeling, ECS (Endocannabinoid System) analog to melatonin.
When consuming THCO on its own, we didn't experience any material psychedelic or psychotropic effects. That said, when combined with Delta-8 and/or Full Spectrum CBD THC-O results in a markedly different experience. At higher combined doses (not currently offered on our site), THCO does seem to induce psychedelic effects especially amongst previous users of substances such as LSD or Psilocybin. So, it appears the magic behind THC-O might be in it's interaction with other cannabinoids. In fact, our D8THCO gummy has proven to be one of our most successful new releases. 

The Difference between CBD, Delta-8 THC, and THC-O

The first notable difference between CBD and its Delta THC cousins is that CBD is not psychoactive. It feels almost trite making this point over and over, but it’s an important one especially to those new to cannabis. That said, the relationship between all three (and reason we’re able to market psychoactive THC) is that they all derive from legal, industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. The fact that all the arguably legal is different than explicitly so. Full Spectrum CBD is explicitly federally legal (although, poorly regulated) while its’ derivatives (Delta-8, THC-O) are not explicitly federally illegal.

THC-O-acetate is distinguished from Delta-8 & CBD in that it does not naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Delta-8 occurs naturally within the plant, and like CBD could theoretically produced in higher quantities through genetic breeding programs. Right now, Delta-8 rich strains do not exist because breeding programs have focused primarily on THC-9 & CBD. If a particular cannabinoid proves a persistent trend genetics will eventually catch up to demand. In the interim, Delta-8 is derived from industrial hemp CBD. It is a derivative and consumers should only buy from trusted suppliers as a result. Our supplier publishes Certificates of Analysis for every batch, and if there’s ever a concern we are happy to share it. 

THC-O acetate is a derivative of Delta-8 (2nd order derivative CBD), and is not naturally produced at detectable levels by current cannabis genetics. In that sense, it is a truly ‘synthetic’ cannabinoid, but we hate to use that term due to it’s negative connotations. THC-O has been a known molecule for decades. Yet, due lack of any measurable concentration in cannabis flower combined with the relatively recent shift legal status in cannabis insufficient data exists on safety, long term health effects, etc to make any statements or assurances. That said, there is no reason to believe they are any health risks unique to THC-O except when consumed via inhalation due to acetate which is the same molecule largely blamed on the marijuana vape health scares a few years ago. Our THC-O products are exclusively delivered in edible format, because it's the most appropriate way to digest this cannabinoid and most importantly the safest. 

DankeSuper THC-O Experience

THC-O is a prodrug compound that activates into a drug (generating psychoactive reaction) by being metabolized in the body. This is important to understand because it creates a “lag” between feeling THC-O’s effects and consumption. Generally, individuals report feeling the effects within 30 minutes to an hour and experiences vary (some longer). Still, it’s important to start slow when gauging your own reaction. As previously mentioned, original formulation of THCO gummies contained the isolate only. We have since evolved that formulation to contain 20 mg Full Spectrum Hemp & 15 mg THCO. We truly believe there's synergistic entourage effect between our extract's phytochemical make up and other cannabinoids while acknowledging we don't full understand it. That said, the inclusion of full spectrum CBD oil enables a more balanced (and heightened) experience in our opinion. 

As previously mentioned, our most popular iteration of THCO infused has been the Delta-8, but that may be because only be because we haven't stepped our game up with HHC or THCp Delta-8 combinations. Our original introduction with D8THCO is incredibly popular because of the staggered effects between between D8 and THCO creating a longer lasting effect in "waves".  Our upcoming D8THCp THC O combination will test the upper bounds of the majority of consumers tolerance, and we've been experimenting with new formulations for quite some time. In upcoming weeks, expect new combinations including HHC and D8THCp as we continue to learn the experience of this novel cannabinoid. 


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