DankeSuper Functional Gummy Guide

DankeSuper Functional Gummy Guide

 At the beginning of 2021, DankeSuper had zero edible offerings on its website after suspending our full spectrum CBD infused chocolate & Pate de Fruit offerings. One year later, the majority of SKUs are in the edible category with our count quintupling over the course of six months. In many ways, our product development cycle has begun to mature into the vision we originally intended by offering a safe, transparent platform for consumer to experience new flavors and effects in cannabis and adaptogen based edible products. Over the course of the year, we received feedback from a fraction of a percent of clients (who were promptly refunded) of experiencing undesired effects from our products while around 4 out of 10 new customers became regular, repeat customers (who we deeply appreciate).  As we continue to expand, we thought it might be helpful to summarize our current product offering, the intended effects, and offer a glimpse of how we plan to evolve from here.

 To start, we should begin by clarifying that all our products except of our cherry clarity gummies are produced in house and technically qualify of as Pâte de Fruit. We have begun to universally gravitate towards the term gummy, Pâte de Fruit sounds a bit arrogant, hard to pronounce (I still get it wrong all the time), and frankly unnecessary distinction in this context. That said, the defining element of our product versus a traditional gummy is that we exclusively utilize real, organic fruit puree versus water as our primary ingredient. Another distinction of pâte de fruit is texture, ours typically reflect the traditional form which is a firm, yet supple, fruit jelly topped with a sugary crunch but the experience varies depending on underlying ingredients. Products that include higher density pulps such as coconut (or pure white peach) will typically form a slightly firmer shell on the outside with soft, chewy center.

Currently, our gummy ‘functional ingredient’ selection includes the following:

Full Spectrum CBD Extract:

Decreased Inflammation       Reduced Anxiety        Restful Sleep

A key point of clarification on this product is that ALL our CBD edible products contain full spectrum extract versus broad spectrum or isolate. Our full spectrum CBD is super critically extracted using CO2 and reflects the whole plant profile meaning it includes all the phytochemical compounds such as flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes found in the aerial parts of the original hemp plant. Our genetics originate from PSC Group who after an exhaustive search process clearly distinguished themselves in terms of genetics, understanding, and taste.

Full Spectrum Hemp has shown a more moderated (versus high kurtosis bell curve) response to dosage

D8 Delta-8 THC Gummies

Psychoactive              Elated Relaxation       Reduced Paranoia / Discomfort

We have only been offering Delta-8 for about half a year, but in many ways it was DankeSuper’s breakthrough product. Detla-8 THC is derived from CBD, and “argued” to be legal at a federal level as part of the agriculture improvement act of 2018 since its hemp derived. As many readers may be aware, more than several states (in particular, states with legalized marijuana-based Delta-9 THC) have made Delta-8 illegal. NY state (where our Williamsburg office is based) is included in this list, but at the same time there are multiple smoke shops that openly sell it. The lack of regulatory clarity is frustrating, and DankeSuper believes that Delta-8 should be included a comprehensive framework that enables legal, equitable access to regulated plant-based therapy that is determined to be non-harmful. Less than 0.5% of our customers have a negative psychoactive experience while consuming our Delta-8 products, and the intensity of the effect depends on the individual.

That said, it’s incredibly important to ensure against accidental ingestion (i.e. minors, friends, relatives, pets etc.) or the risks increase materially. We’re far from fully understanding the physiological effects of cannabis and its constituents, but it’s likely not harmful to individuals long term well-being. There are a wealth of “potential” therapeutic benefits from cannabis phytochemical constituents, but research is too immature to make any medical claims. If you’d like to read more third party feedback on our Delta-8, we recommend checking out chalkboard magazine’s review.


Sleep    Decompression    Less Psychoactive     Deep Body Relaxation

Supposedly 3x More Effective than Traditional Delta-9 THC

THC-O is a relatively “new” cannabinoid that does not naturally exist in the cannabis plant in measurable amounts. It’s a derivative of CBD via a process similar to Delta-8, and is part of a larger family of cannabinoids that are being derived from industrial hemp. On it’s own, users generally report limited psychoactive effects, but often find it to be an extremely useful sleep aid or relaxant. Typically, the effects of a THC-O gummy hit 30-60 minutes after consuming versus Delta-8 which tends to be faster acting relative to Delta-9 THC.
Our THC-O Gummies are offered in 10 and 15 mg.

Caffeine Cordyceps CBD Gummy

Energy             Clarity             Endurance

The beauty of our cherry clarity gummies is the microencapsulated caffeine’s  kick carries subtly carries for hours beyond expectations powered by endurance enhancing cordyceps. The CBD promotes balance, reduced anxiety & inflammation resulting in a delicious new format to achieve focused, casual energy.

To learn more, check out these gummies review in chalkboard magazine.

Delta-8 THCO

A Novel High
This is perhaps our favorite combination in terms of hemp derived highs in that it offers a truly unique experience. Currently offered in 15 mg THCO 15 mg D8, we will inevitably continue to experiment with dosage & functional terpene formulations. Most users describe it as very “elated”, “positive” high that’s bit of a multiphase experience. It’s a fabulous way to unwind in the evening, may prove uncomfortably strong for new cannabis users, dosed to be well suited for both cannabis connoisseurs  and recreational enthusiasts. Combination provides a uniquely synergistic entourage effect worth experiencing.  
As we begin 2022, DankeSuper has no intention of  slowing down, and look forward to extending our offering to feature novel adaptogens, functional terpene formulations, and additional formats.

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