Quality, Value & Innovation

Quality, Value & Innovation

DankeSuper started with a focus on physical retail (managing on our own NJ, NY, & AZ locations). As a result, we placed high value on how our products displayed, the mood our shopping experience conveyed, and communication of sales associates. Nearly 10 months vetting suppliers, contemplating products, concentrations, image, identity, taste profiles, product lines etc. Then the pandemic struck, offering an unwelcome moment to step back and further reflect.

The loss of our primary distribution channel forced us to consider our value proposition as a brand. In physical retail, the audience is delivered to your doorstep, engaged and educated through human interaction. The internet is infinitely more complex in that we are competing against a sea of marketing budgets and false claims. Offering value, quality while maintaining an innovative isn't simply a mission it's necessary to survive. 

Quality (and transparency) are a prerequisite requirements in the cannabis space due to its relative novelty as a legal consumer experience. Misinformation can be dangerous in that it could lead to a disappointing (if not risky) consumer experience, but Cannabis Sativa is a bioaccumulator capable of absorbing heavy metals and toxins from the soil. So, both transparent test results and a reliable supplier are essential. 

Many brands tend to either reference their own "unique" farmer Joe or at make an ambiguous reference to where their product and/or hemp is sourced. At DankeSuper, we've decided take a simpler, more radically transparent, approach. For hemp & raw crude extracts, our supplier is PSC Group. We openly share because that relationship was fundamental to our decision to enter the Cannabis space. The taste profile, efficacy, and commitment to quality at PSC group is unrivaled. 

A few years ago, great quality hemp inputs were a novelty, but today the market has arguably "caught up" in many regards (despite huge variation). As a result, our hemp tinctures are priced in a manner that offer significant value. In many cases, you'll find we're priced up to 50% less than other premium, artisanal brands. We've witnessed first hand the positive impact our products have had on our customers lives, and are committed to making that experience as accessible as possible. 


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