Compound Exploration

Compound Exploration

In our 'formative years', we often struggled with identifying the most honest and effective means to both formulate and market hemp extract & plant's unique phytochemical profiles. Initially, our focus was on offering an unadulterated full spectrum PCR extract experience. We still believe this is the most reliable, authentic, and effective format to experience hemp and it's many purported health benefits. In full spectrum / whole plant extract, genetics limit the variety of cannabinoids we can offer in high concentrations largely to CBD & CBG. Although, as many are probably aware, these represent only two of over 100 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. 

DankeSuper's preference supercritical full spectrum hemp extract was driven by an acknowledgement of a lack of understanding of the 'entourage effect' from the phytochemical interactions within hemp. By that we mean not only the cannabinoids themselves, but the cumulative benefit of the various phytonutrients, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes combined. We understood the marketing value of such combinations ("specially formulated sativa terpenes for uplifting effect", etc), but didn't necessarily believe the scientific understanding existed to support such claims. Instead, we opted to largely rely on nature's ability to formulate the perfect non-GMO CBD rich hemp experience supplemented by essential oils for variations in taste and effect. 

Now, several years into the game, our understanding of various cannabinoids and their interaction with various phytochemical compounds remains nascent. Yet, our curiosity and desire for new experiences is more profound than ever. On that basis, we have decided to begin incorporating select industrial hemp derived cannabinoids into our formulations even if incorporates isolates which we eschewed in the past. Customer satisfaction, safety, quality, and transparency remain our paramount priority, but that shouldn't stop us from having fun. On that basis, we're excited to prepare for the launch of our new DSQUARED8 line of pate de fruit products. 

In the interim, if you're interested in additional resources on Hemp's various 'minor' cannabinoids please see below media to begin learning more. 

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