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DankeSuper started out as a network of CBD mall "retail management units" (carts) selling primary white labeled products from an extraordinary supplier where we are close to the food & beverage director. I "managed" the operation out of a shared office space a 15 minute walk north of my apartment in Williamsburg. In the middle of our first "make or break" holiday season (2019), management revoked my access unannounced on the belief that we had pounds of marijuana (industrial hemp) visible in our glass walled office. Even more damning... someone once saw exposed cash on my desk and a pair of underwear in an overnight bag. 

Exposed as a drug dealer by Brass Factory management, I was left supporting distribution and sales from my dining room table with my five year old counting cash on the living room floor. In January 2020, DankeSuper established its new office at 21 Dunham Place, a pandemic struck, we closed the entire mall operation, were reduced to a one man operation, and endured a seemingly interminable amount of time figuring things out. A long two and a half years later, we have begun to see more material traction on the Pate de Fruit gummies my father and I formulate and produce. Today, we are thrilled to announce the opening of DankeSuper's next stage of evolution on the first floor of 21 Dunham Place: DankeSuper Cannabis Pop Up

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Similar to when we entered the CBD market, unlicensed "dispensary" storefronts (or trucks) are multiplying throughout the city at an incredible rate. We do not perceive this as a short term "revenue opportunity", but an opportunity to be part of the foundational fabric of New York's cannabis future. It is a "pop up" in that we acknowledge the importance of adopting a regulated framework that protects and builds confidence with consumers, and once in place our space will inevitably once again evolve to find its place within that environment. 

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Trustworthy, transparent, and accessible providers of cannabis are critical in protecting the plants reputation and future during the gray, ambiguous regulatory transition period. Far too few people are aware that cannabis is an extremely effective bio-accumulator that acts like a sponge for any toxins in its environment. A great deal of the marijuana (and magic mushrooms) being offered at your local truck, bodega, or convenience is being grown using a significant amount of chemicals with focus on yield over safety. The products contain THC, I've personally tried them, it's "okay", but there's no way of knowing how many heavy metals and chemicals consumed along with it. DankeSuper buys organically grown directly from small farmer relationships.

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Whenever possible we obtain a certificate of analysis for our flower, but not every batch of our in store only indoor & outdoor premium flower is tested by a third party lab. That said, we put extreme effort into vetting our suppliers and establishing long term trusted relationships. For clarity, all of our online full spectrum & hemp derived products have CoA's verifying their cannabinoid content, non detectible heavy metals & pesticides, and in the case of crude extract full terpene profiles. We look forward to when the marijuana market has established sufficient capacity and regulatory guidance to achieve the operating state. 

Although, third party testing doesn't necessarily equate to good flower. In fact, a major motivation of this pop up was the fact that the marijuana I was buying at a regulated recreationally dispensary was seemingly weak, small bud that seemed to induce what I call "Curaleaf Hyperemesis" (Cannabis Hyperemesis induced by Curaleaf products). Additionally, our pop up will enable consumers to observe (under magnifying light no less!), smell (flower and scratch n' sniff), taste, and experience Cannabis in a way not available at a traditional dispensary. At the same time, we plan to offer similar conveniences such as accepting credit card payments, allowing for pre-order pick up. We have lots of exciting features we plan to develop to offer an engaging, fun, mind altering experience. 

Naturally, our hemp derived pate de fruit Delta 8, HHC, THCO, and THCp products will be available for purchase in smaller, four piece sample boxes bubble hash edibles (or just hash), flower, DankeSuper merchandise offered in store. 



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