Beyond CBD: Cannabis Flavonoids & Their Benefits

Yahoo Lifestyle recently published an article highlighting a Dana Farber Cancer Institute study on the utilization of a cannabis flavonoid against pancreatic cancer with research plans for application in other cancer treatments. Cannabis flavonoids were discovered in 1986 by Marilyn Barnett, and early research indicate anti-inflammatory benefits. That said, clinical research could not be easily conducted on necessary scale due to the fact that flavonoids make up a relatively small percentage of the cannabis plant (just .14 percent according to yahoo), and this is on top significant supply limitations due to the plant’s legal status. 

Fortunately, since their discovery cannabis law has begun to mature to a stage where science more actively explore the plants benefits, and supply is less pronounced concern with use genetic engineering to “manufacture” flavonoids.Clinical research in this space is still in its infancy, and is best interpreted as an increasingly strong indicator of C. Sativa / hemp’s potential health benefits. That said, it highlights a key distinction between the potential benefits of full spectrum hemp oil versus a CBD isolate. When people say CBD has purported health benefits, they’re treating a molecule as synonym to a plant. High CBD whole plant hemp oil has a seemingly wide array of health benefits that extend well beyond cannabidiol (CBD) itself. 

Hemp contains over 130 cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and phytochemical compounds. Cannabidiol is one of the better researched cannabinoid compounds outside of THC, and scientists only have a fractional understanding of our body’s interaction with either.  That said, the breath of potentially beneficial compounds in Cannabis continues to grow. Until our understanding improves, consumers should focus on whole plant or full spectrum extract to realize hemp’s potential benefits in their entirety. That said, DankeSuper is extremely excited about research being informed plant based medicine, and will continuously seek ways to incorporate into the creation of naturally mindful products.    

Experience the full benefits of whole plant high CBD hemp extract with any of DankeSuper’s three tinctures.

DS01 preserves the cannabis plants natural flavonoids through our supercritical, CO2 extraction process and by preserving the true plant profile by not applying chromatography.

DS02 has a refreshing taste and additional beneficial flavonoids from Mint, Rosemary, and Lemongrass.

DS03 sumptuous and savory taste comes with additional flavonoid punch from orange, ginger, and cinnamon.